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Injured as a Pedestrian? It’s Time to Lawyer Up

43028822 - despair young female driver after traffic accidentThe dangers of car accidents all well publicized and understood, but the dangers to innocent pedestrians are often forgotten. About 6,000 pedestrians, people walking next to or across a road, are killed by automobiles, and another 110,000 suffer injuries. Though laws in every state are written to protect pedestrians by allowing them to have the right of way when crossing a street, distracted drivers have the potential to crash into people the same way they crash into other cars. Fortunately, our country’s legal system allows pedestrians who are injured in car accidents to seek legal compensation for their suffering. Read More

How Safe are School Buses?


16831796 - yellow school buses

If you have a child, then you understand the significance of watching your child board a school bus each day and trusting that no accidents will occur along the way to threaten your child’s safety. It’s a huge decision that essentially places your child’s life in the hands of a bus driver, bus mechanic, and the other drivers on the road. Though most school buses arrive to and from school without any trouble, too many children have been hurt through school bus-related accidents. Read More

The Best Way to Handle a Workers’ Compensation Case

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Workers’ compensation is a very important piece of your coverage as an employee, but it also might be one that you overlook until you need it the most. In general, workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides you with financial support if you are injured or become seriously ill as a result of the workplace. The financial support, including payment of medical costs and 80 percent of salary during time off, are given in return for your promise not to sue your employer over your injury or illness.

Whether you break your arm, are diagnosed with a respiratory disease, or even suffer an amputation, understanding the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim is of the utmost importance. Read More

Do Postal Workers Sue Over Dog Bites?

dog bitesWe all love our dogs, but even the best behaved dog can get out of hand with too much excitement. Postal workers know this all too well, given that about 6,000 dog bites are suffered by postal workers around the country each year. Though that’s a small fraction of the 617,000 postal workers employed by the United States Postal Service, it’s still 6,000 dangerous and potentially deadly incidents.

It’s important to understand how this works in the legal realm. Can postal workers seek legal retribution for dog bites, and if so, how? Read More

Public Cases of Potentially Negligent Security

securityHeading out in public wasn’t always such a risk, but news stories often report new incidences in which ordinary citizens going about their normal activities become injured or killed in public places. While some of these events are strictly bad luck and very unfortunate circumstances, others could have been prevented with stronger security from the public place in question.

Planned Parenthood Sued

Back in November 2015, newspaper headlines were bursting with the news of a shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado. A gunman went on a shooting rampage, resulting in three deaths and nine injuries. At the time it was considered a strategic shooting by a man with pro-life sentiments, but a deeper look into the shooter’s background suggested that he was simply a mentally unstable man with no intention of purposefully targeting the Planned Parenthood clinic that fateful day. Read More

Steps to Take after a School Bus Crash

school bus accidentGone are the days of communities being small and safe enough for children to walk to school each day. Parents now rely upon school buses to deliver their children to and from school safely. School bus drivers are responsible for the most important duty of driving with the caution and patience required to keep all children out of harm’s way.

The unfortunate truth is that news stories come to light every day about bus drivers acting negligently and harming students as a result. If you have children still young enough to ride the school bus everyday, this is what you should know. Read More

Florida’s New Dog Bite Law

dogs bewareAs of January 27, 2016, the laws guiding dog bite cases in Florida have changed.  The bill, known informally as “Padi’s Bill”, provides hearing officers with more flexibility in determining the outcome for dogs who cause severe injuries to humans.

The Padi Dog That Started It All

Back in June 2015, a dog named Padi bit a 4-year-old boy and took off some of his ear in the process. Though the boy’s family said the dog attacked him, Padi’s owners explained that the boy had cornered Padi and thrown toys at him, which unintentionally provoked Padi to bite the boy. Read More

Negligent Security Just Made Major Headlines

Erin Andrews. Source: Wikipedia

Erin Andrews. Source: Wikipedia

Negligent security in places like shopping centers, hotels, and malls is a major issue that causes injuries and other traumas every year. From failed security systems and lack of security cameras to ineffective lighting, public places don’t always keep visitors as safe as they need to. This concept was exemplified recently in the news when Erin Andrews won a negligent security lawsuit against the hotel who allowed a stalker to secretly record her nude.

Background in the Case

Erin Andrews is a well-known Fox Sports reporter and co-host of “Dancing with the Stars”. In 2008, she was staying in a Nashville hotel when a man named Michael David Barrett asked hotel staff for Andrews’ room number and was informed accordingly. This information allowed Barrett to book the room next to Andrews.  Read More

Everything You Should Know about Probation

probationIf you are facing charges for a crime, probation could be the good news you’re looking for. While it still isn’t an ideal situation, probation serves as a jail sentence alternative so you can maintain as much normalcy as possible in your life.

What is Probation?

Rather than going to jail as punishment for a crime, probation allows the person convicted of a crime to remain in the community. The terms of probation are set forth by the court and usually include required community service time, consistent meetings with a probation officer, and legal behavior for the duration of the probation. Read More

What Does it Mean to Seal and Expunge Records?

If you are accused of a crime, the only person that can help you out is a criminal defense attorney.

Nobody wants a tarnished criminal record, but felonies, misdemeanors, and dismissed charges certainly occur on a regular basis. If you were convicted or even found innocent and are eager for a way to clean your record, it’s possible that you do have a method of recourse. Sealing and expunging criminal records are both effective means to do so based on your specific situation. Read More