Domestic Violence

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It’s inevitable that family members will disagree with one another and arguments may set in. Sometimes, in the heat-of-the-moment, these arguments escalate to violence. As someone accused of domestic violence, you will want an experienced attorney by your side to help you through the legal repercussions. Even if you reconcile with the victim, it’s important to know that prosecutors can still pursue charges against you.

Tampa Domestic Violence Attorney

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If you are convicted of domestic violence charges, know that the conviction will be permanently fixed to your criminal record. Additionally, domestic violence charges cannot be expunged or sealed. This is a charge that will follow you the rest of your life. Domestic violence charges could hinder your career, future employment, child custody and rights to enter your home, among other things.

Therefore, it is imperative that you select a qualified Tampa domestic violence attorney to represent you and aggressively fight for the best outcome regarding your case. As a former Florida public defender, Esposito Law Firm has dealt with many domestic violence cases and received favorable outcomes. Give Esposito Law Firm a call today for a FREE consultation.