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Filing For Workers Comp vs. Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit

It’s never good when a worker gets injured on the job. The injured party may end up with medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and many other financial blows in the wake of an already devastating event. Many employers offer compensation for workers injured on the job, regardless of fault. Workers’ compensation, however, doesn’t cover all of the financial setbacks that come with an on-the-job injury. If you are partially at fault for your injury, workers’ compensation may be the best option for you, but if you can prove that another person or persons were responsible for your injury, a personal injury lawsuit is your best option. 

One big difference between workers’ compensation and a personal injury lawsuit is that workers’ compensation only covers economic costs such as pain and suffering. A personal injury case can get compensation for medical bills, lost wages, rehab costs, and other bills, meaning you’ll be much more financially secure than if you chose workers’ compensation alone. With a top-notch legal team like the one at Esposito Law Firm, you’ll be well taken care of for the duration of your lawsuit and recovery period. Call us today for more information regarding your case.

There are many situations that can lead to an injury on the job, but some should receive greater financial compensation than others. Some instances that may lead to a bigger payout include if the injury was due to a defective product, the employer’s (not the employee’s) conduct was obviously going to cause injury or death, your injury involves harmful chemicals or substances, or if the injury was caused by the negligence of a third party. In any of these cases, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed, and you can be compensated for your injury. 

An extremely common workplace injury is slip and fall. While most employers would offer workers compensation in the event of a slip and fall injury, the employer can be held liable if the injury was due to their own negligence. Employers are responsible for providing their employees with a safe working environment, and when they fail to do so, legal action can be a good way to receive compensation. 

Don’t let a negligent employer get away with their negligence. Call Esposito Law Firm today and we can help hold your employer accountable.