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How To Determine What Your Car Accident Case is Worth

Car accidents happen extremely often and can be very stressful to deal with. Many times, the parties involved are dealing with strong emotions and are not in the best shape for dealing with the legal process. However, keeping a level head in the aftermath of your accident can play a major role in the outcome of your case. The sooner you can acquire legal representation, the better your chances of getting the most compensation for your accident. Esposito Law Firm, P. A. cares about your well being, and we want to make the legal process easier for everyone. Here are some factors that will directly affect home much your car accident case is worth. 

Acquiring a copy of any police report can affect the outcome of your auto accident case. Insurance companies are going to do anything they can to avoid paying you. Having a copy of the police report allows the insurance companies to contact the police that responded to your accident and make sure any statements made are true. Always ask for a copy of the police report. 

It is also imperative that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you are not in immediate pain, you should still go see a doctor. Any injuries caused by the accident can affect your claim, and failure to seek medical attention within fourteen days of the accident can drastically decrease the compensation you receive. If you have pre-existing conditions, before and after scans can prove whether or not the accident made your condition worse or caused additional damage. This can also affect the outcome of your claim.

If there are witnesses, make sure to talk to them and get their contact information. If they help your case you will want to stay in touch. However, if the witnesses will hurt your case, you will want to know how to counter that. You should also avoid any admittance of fault. Saying things like “I can’t believe I did that” or even something as simple as “my bad” could be used against you in court. If the other driver makes this mistake though, you can use this to your advantage to prove fault and get more compensation. 

Your attorney can help you use all of this information to get the best settlement from a personal injury lawsuit. Call Esposito Law Firm, P. A. today for more information.