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Injuries and accidents are unavoidable facts of life, which is why BJE Law in Lakeland, Florida is here to serve the legal needs of people whose lives have been turned upside down by the negligence of others.

Brian J. Esposito founded BJE Law to represent accident victims in Florida. He believes that accident victims don’t deserve to suffer in silence. They instead need an attorney who will fight for their rights and earn the compensation they are owed from their injuries.

BJE Law Handles Personal Injury and Auto Accident Cases

If you are the victim of an injury or car accident due to another person’s negligence and carelessness, Brian Esposito at BJE Law in Lakeland, Florida is here to help you. The Firm handles cases ranging from dog bites, bike accidents, and negligent security to car, motorcycle, truck, and bus crashes.

These types of personal injuries and auto accidents often lead to serious health issues, lost wages, medical bills, emotional trauma, and even permanent disability or death. BJE Law works closely with you to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve to cope with the physical and psychological pain left by your accident.

If you leave the accident claim in the hands of an insurance company, you will be offered the lowest payout possible because, while insurance adjustors are sympathetic, it is their job to save the insurance company as much money as possible. BJE Law offers residents of Lakeland, Florida and surrounding areas the knowledge needed to challenge insurance companies and acquire a fair settlement.

BJE Law Handles DUI and Criminal Defense

In addition to personal and auto injuries, BJE Law adeptly fights for DUI and criminal defense cases. If you find yourself in a DUI situation, you need an attorney who will relentlessly fight for your rights and aggressively prevent any severe consequences from landing on your record. Instead of allowing a DUI to derail you from your life goals, BJE Law can provide the legal help necessary to keep you on the right path.

BJE Law also provides aggressive and experienced defense for criminal situations including battery, theft, drug offenses, fraud, and more. Brian Esposito will never take your defense case lightly, and will instead work diligently to ensure your future is not restricted by your time in court.

BJE Law in Lakeland, Florida For all of Your Legal Needs

The professionals at BJE Law hold your legal needs as their first priority. Whether you are seeking efficient defense in a criminal case or need help acquiring a fair settlement from an insurance company, the right attorney can make all the difference!

Contact Brian today for a no obligation free consultation by calling 863-417-2462 or contacting him online here.