Tampa Bicycle Accident Lawyer

same-rights-same-rules-011-246x300Riding a bicycle in not only a fun recreational activity, but also a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. More and more people are choosing to ride bicycles back and forth from school, work, and other locations because it saves on gas money, it is great exercise, and it cuts down on added pollution. Many cities, including Tampa, are responding to this increase of biking by creating bike-friendly lanes and making roads overall more bike-friendly. This, unfortunately, has not significantly decreased the number of accidents between bicyclists and motorists. Bicycle accidents can happen in many different ways. An accident may be caused by a vehicle making a right turn across your path, by someone pulling out from a side street, alley or driveway, or by someone opening a car door directly in front of you. Such bicycle accidents often result in serious injuries. You may have broken bones or a head injury and probably sustained serious road rash. If you find yourself in this situation it is extremely important to look for a reliable, dependable, knowledgeable and upstanding Tampa bicycle accident attorney.

What are the Bicycle Laws in Florida?

In Florida, a bicycle is legally defined as a vehicle and the bicyclist is a driver. Bicyclists have the same rights and duties to the roadways as the drivers of other vehicles. These laws include stopping for stop signs and red lights, riding with the flow of traffic, using lights at night, yielding the right-of-way when entering a roadway, and yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks. There is only one road and it is up to bicyclists and motorists to treat each other with care and respect. Adherence to the law is the foundation for this respect, but the law itself is simply a codification of the rules of movement that make all road users predictable to one another. – See more at: http://floridabicycle.org/bicycle-traffic-law/#sthash.0cWHRUdU.dpuf

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